National House Corporation

Enhancing Tri Delta's living & learning environments

Tri Delta believes that housing is an important aspect of fraternity life that helps build sisterhood and provides an environment that fosters learning and growth. Tri Delta’s National House Corporation (NHC) exists to support the Fraternity by providing resources and assistance to manage competitive housing and perpetuate growth for Tri Delta properties. By setting a high standard for chapter housing, NHC fulfills its mission is to add value to the Tri Delta experience by thoughtfully enhancing the collegiate living and learning environments.


NHC serves as the Fraternity’s premier housing resource to support all Tri Delta properties. Local house corporations and collegiate house managers can utilize the expertise of volunteer housing specialists or online resources such as manuals, model contracts and recommended partners.


Managing a property successfully requires creating and maintaining a budget, overseeing the day-to-day operations, as well as planning for future improvements. The Fraternity relies on the professional staff of NHC to provide management services to Tri Delta properties. NHC management services include day-to-day property management, bookkeeping (including accounts payable and receivable) and rent and fee analysis. These services can be tailored to the chapter’s needs and can be utilized by all Tri Delta properties, whether locally or NHC owned.


Perpetuating the growth of Tri Delta properties requires continual evaluation and enhancement. Properties that are owned and operated by NHC receive this continual support so that they can remain competitive with other housing options provided in their campus community. NHC can assist any Tri Delta chapter with project management and interior design projects. For chapters who have some form of meeting or living space, but who do not own a building or land, NHC provides an Asset Management Program designed to ensure that the spaces are continually enhanced through a three-year renovation rotation.


In 1919 fewer than a dozen Tri Delta chapters owned properties. Most members could be found living in crowded dormitories or rooming houses. It was just 30 years after the Fraternity’s founding and World War I had ended. The restrictions of the war had been lifted, and students began pouring into college towns and needed safe and comfortable places to live. College administrators were focused on securing classroom space and equipment and could not give their attention to student housing. Concerned for members’ health and safety, Fraternity officers encouraged chapters to own their own houses, and they would make funds available where needed. Before the end of the 1920s, 40 houses valued at $2,000,000 had been built, remodeled or were in the blueprint stage. Many of these houses were built according to Fraternity guidelines that called for quiet study rooms, airy sleeping quarters and spacious but homelike living and dining rooms.


In 1991, the Fraternity formed National House Corporation (NHC) for the purpose of holding property titles, collecting income and submitting net income to the Fraternity. Today, 120 Tri Delta chapters enjoy a common living or meeting space as part of their membership experience. The majority of these facilities are owned and operated by local house corporations managed by local Tri Delta alumnae volunteers. National House Corporation currently owns and operates 29 chapter facilities.

Local House Corporations

A house corporation has a fiduciary duty to the chapter that it serves and to Delta Delta Delta as a national entity. The existence of the house corporation is to better both the chapter it serves and Tri Delta as a whole.

Tri Delta house corporations exist to ensure high-standard facilities are available to chapter members and alumnae. Depending on the dynamics of the university, the house corporation may hold title to the chapter house, rent from the university or a third party, or maintain a designated space within a university residence hall or Panhellenic building.

All corporations, including Tri Delta house corporations, are required to hold meetings to which the entire corporate membership has been invited. At least one meeting must be called each year. Please give proper notice by submitting a request to post information about your annual meeting on our website. 



The Delta Delta Delta Foundation raises, manages and awards funds to provide undergraduate and graduate scholarships, assist alumnae and collegiate members in dire financial need, and support the Fraternity’s innovative educational and leadership programs.

Executive Office

Tri Delta’s Executive Office is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, in a mid-rise office building called The Addison. Located on the Dallas North Tollway a major corridor connecting Dallas growing suburbs to the city’s centers for business and commerce. Tri Delta will lease the better portion of two floors in The Addison, that also headquarters Delta Shop and Fraternity Archives.